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This blog is run by Jimmy, a 24 year old Interactive Design graduate who's currently searching for a purpose in life.

Occasionally you may see some of my own work, but the majority of the time I use this blog to share work created by other people who inspire me.


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The Guide

Young Fathers

The Guide

529 plays

The Guide by Young Fathers

Like most of the music I listen to, I was introduced to this Scottish alternative hip-hop group by the internet’s busiest music nerd, aka Anthony Fantanoway back in 2011 when their debut EP Tape One was released. Last year they were signed to Anticon Records and they re-released Tape One last January in various formats, including cassette tape, which is nice. I hoping that they release an album this year now that they have a label backing them, so fingers crossed for that.

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Guuurl (Single)

513 plays

Guuurl by Lapalux

This is the new Lapalux single which was released a week or so ago, and is off his debut album "Nostalchic" which is released on Brainfeeder in March 2013. I personally can not wait for it, and I’ve been a big fan of Lapalux for a long time now. I imagine he will deliver as always with his album and I recommend checking out his back catalogue because every release has been on point since day one. 

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James Blake

Retrograde - Single

771 plays

Retrograde by James Blake

I was toying with whether to post something from the new J. Cole Yours Truly EP or this. I might post a new J. Cole track tomorrow but for now I’m in love with this and it’s been on repeat for a while. I first heard a radio rip recently and it was an immediate download once the single was available yesterday. 

If you’ve follow this blog for a while, then you know I’m a big fan of James Blake and I used an image of him as this blogs avatar for a long time. His new album is expected to be released in early April and I highly recommend checking out his back catalogue if you’re new to him.

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555 plays

UK by Burial

So brief in it’s existence yet probably my favourite Burial track ever. Not even 2 minutes long this track is found towards the end of Burial’s seminal album Unture. I honestly don’t know what it is about this short track that moves me so much but I love it. I guess that’s what makes music, because I can’t explain to anyone why I like it so much, but it doesn’t really matter, just listen and enjoy.

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The Fellowship by BRKF$T CLUB

How I missed this gem I don’t know, I guess I’ve just been out of the loop recently when it comes to music, but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. With Julian Malone recently being signed to Stones Throw Records I decided to have a look at the work the rest of his crew has produced. I then stumbled across this “That 70’s Show” inspired music video that made me do a double take and realise that for every Tyga and Trinidad James, there’s a Joey Bada$$ and Julian Malone to keep my faith in hip-hop.

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Strangling You With the Cord


Some Other Time

949 plays

Strangling You With the Cord by Lapalux

Well well well, look what we have here, it’s only a bloody MyEDOM post. It’s been a while but I’ll try get back into making more music posts in the weeks to come, but I am no longer keeping a schedule because it took the fun out of it.

If you haven’t heard of Lapalux then you really need to check out his stuff because he is one of my favourite artist to blow up this year. This is a track taken from his lastest EP which was released on Brainfeeder last month.

If you’d like to check out all my other MyEDOM posts you can do so here.

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The Art Of Peer Pressure

Kendrick Lamar

good kid, m.A.A.d city (Deluxe)

1,989 plays

The Art of Peer Pressure by Kendrick Lamar

My love for Kendrick Lamar really can’t be expressed in words. He’s one of the few rappers I’ve ever actually connected with on a genuine level because most commercial rappers just talk about the most juvenile stuff that isn’t relevant to me in any form. In this particular track Kendrick really does out do himself and it’s probably my favourite song from his new album entitled good kid, m.A.A.d city.

The album leaked about a week ago and I’ve had it playing continuesly, I have my iTunes preorder waiting for download and I’m going to the record store tomorrow to get a CD version for in my car. I urge you to check it out, as well as his exceptional independent debut album Section.80 which was my favourite album from last year and it’s packed full of interesting jazz infused beats and thought provoking lyrics. Kendrick is so far removed from his Compton counterparts and he views the city in an entirely different light, and it’s so refreshing to see unique artists like himself get some level a shine amongst these swag rap blunted fuck whits that flood mainstream hip-hop.

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Same Love (feat. Mary Lambert)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

The Heist (Deluxe Edition)

2,069 plays

Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

It’s been a while since I made a MyEDOM post but luckily a lot of wonderful tumblr members have kept the little music community alive. Here’s one of my favourite tracks from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ new album called The Heist. This particular song makes me happy, and Macklemore brings up a lot of poignant points about gay rights, religion and politics in America. Well worth a listen, and The Heist is a really good album so check it out if you’re interesting in hearing the more thought provoking side of Hip-Hop.

Oh and the singer Mary Lambert has some incredible vocals on this.

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Cold Nites

How To Dress Well

Total Loss

3,939 plays

Cold Nites by How To Dress Well

This was the first single from HTDW’s new album Total Loss, which I got recently and I’ve been playing on repeat for some time now. I’ve been a fan of HTDW for a while, and although there’s certain tracks on his first album, mainly this one, that I love, overall I felt the quality of the record let it down a lot. A lot of screeching and distortion which hurt my ears at points, which is clearly not the intention of HTDW’s music.

However on this new album the production quality has be ramped up and it’s clear to tell. I remember first hearing this track a few months ago, but now in context of the whole album it’s grown to become a favourite of mine. I love the Timbaland-esque drums and as a whole the entire album is so fucking smooth. Definitely worth a purchase, which amazingly you can do below with the iTunes link provided :)

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Rooster in My Rari (TNGHT Mix)

Waka Flocka Flame

Rooster in My Rari - Single

7,779 plays

Rooster In My Rari (TNGHT Remix) by Waka Flocka Flame

You don’t understand how much I love TNGHT at this moment in time, and I was finally able to get hold of a full version of this track. Every TNGHT track is just insane and I haven’t had the privilege of hearing any of their material in a club environment because, to put it bluntly, the clubs around me suck.

Both members of TNGHT, Lunice & Hudson Mohawke, are recently gaining a lot of worthy attention and Hudson produced several tracks on the GOOD Music collab album Cruel Summer. I’m pretty excited to see them in October at the Warehouse Project in Manchester and if you live in the area I strongly suggest you get your ass down there.

Also as a added bonus, BADBADNOTGOOD recently did a live rendition of the TNGHT banger Bugg’n, which is just incredible. I’ll embed it below for you check out.

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A few weeks ago I posted a rather interesting Waka Flocka Remix by a young Parisian musician called Dream Koala.

This is his first music video for the track Roofies, which is featured on his upcoming Blur EP. The EP is set for release on September 19th through Highlife Recordings and I was lucky enough to snag myself a promo copy.

It’s full of hypnotic soundscapes that lazily coax the listener into a dream like state. The whole EP is so easy and effortless to listen to, so much so, that I’ve been playing it for several days now.

He’s definitely someone to watch out for, and if you like XXYYXX, Holy Other, Shlohmo and the rest of the Wedidit Collective then I’m sure you’ll enjoy the work of Dream Koala.

Listen like/reblog, and support new talent.

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4,191 plays

Porcelain by Moby

I kind of forgot how much I love this album. I never owned it when it was first released but my older brother did and I remember frequently hearing it around the turn of the millenium, so each song is etched in to my memory even though I was unaware who created the songs I was hearing.

While growing up my music taste was always semi-influenced by the people around me. I say “semi-influenced” because when me and my friends used to skateboard, only music that could be broadly labeled “rock” was able to be played, but I used to stray away and listen to Hip-Hop on my own, as a kind of, fuck you guy’s I’m sick of skating to Slipknot and AC/DC, or whatever band it was that I’ve now grown to despise.

Moby was one of those guys who always intrigued me, but I was put off from listening to his music because of the people around me. So I guess I’d grown up with this image that Moby made some kind of crappy techno that I’d hate, I honestly don’t know how I got it in my head. Maybe it was because I listened to Eminem, and he used to hate Moby??

For whatever reason, I didn’t ever listen to him, but recently I’ve been exploring music that I was aware I had brushed aside while growing up and I have to say, I’m so glad I went back and re-discovered a gem that brings backs so many childhood memories, thanks to my brother.

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Two Inch Punch

Saturn: The Slow Jams EP

3,349 plays

Moonstruck by Two Inch Punch

Because I’m going to The Warehouse Project (curated by SBTRKT) on October 6th I’m going to start posting some of my favourite tracks from the incredible line up. I really can not wait for this to come any sooner, and if you happen to be there then I might see you.

Listen, like, reblog and stuff.

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Cold Nites (Koreless Remix) by How To Dress Well

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, almost finished all my university work so next week this blog will be a little more active.

Here’s something to hopefully relax you if you’re having a stressful weekend, like myself.

Be sure to look out for How To Dress Well’s upcoming album, Total Loss, later this year.

And my love for Koreless has been well documented, so check him out. I’m hoping now he’s finished university he’ll be putting out a few more gems.

Artists: | HTDW | Koreless |

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