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Anti-War Dub (feat. Spen G)

Digital Mystikz

1,969 plays

I’m posting tomorrows MyEDOM post today because I think people need to listen to this, chill out and let karma take effect.

This track as well as Skream’s first album where what got me in to dubstep way back when I was 16-17 in around 2006. I remember so vividly a friend of mine telling me over and over again to listen to Midnight Request Line and I ignored him for a while and then listened and I loved it ever since.

"Come Meditate on Bass Weight"

Anti War Dub by Digital Mystikz

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Girl Unit

Wut (NS008)

4,079 plays

As Girl Unit’s new EP Club Rez is getting released in a matter of days I thought I’d share what was possibly my favourite dubstep track from 2010.

I listened to this excessively, and would throw it in to every mix possible for a while, I haven’t listened to it in a long time but today I was reminded of how good it is.

Girl Unit is part of the Night Slugs camp, who all release great stuff. If you like dubstep, or electronic music in general then I’m sure you’ve heard of Night Slugs, but if not then go check out their stuff and maybe grab a few EP’s, they’re well worth it.

Wut by Girl Unit 

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Mount Kimbie

Crooks & Lovers (HFCD004)

539 plays

This track has come off Mount Kimbie’s debut album Crooks & Loverswhich was definitely one of my favourite albums from 2010.

I was surprised when I realised I hadn’t posted anything by Mount Kimbie, considering how much I like them. Their entire album, as well has all their single releases and EP’s are pure gold, rarely do they steer wrong. Their album is one of a couple that I own on vinyl, and it’s something I treasure and will most likely keep with me for a very long time.

I discovered them at the height of dubstep’s transformation from deep bass music to the loud midrange fuckery that seems to be it’s soul identity in popular culture today. I much prefer this side of dubstep, the ambiance and the peaceful atmosphere that producers create. I find it far more interesting than getting drunk and jumping around with teenagers in some sweaty club. Don’t get me wrong, I do love that side of dubstep, but I prefer a more relaxed approach when listening for my own personal enjoyment.

Carbonated by Mount Kimbie

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Etched Headplate



220 plays

Burial recently released his new Kindred EP but I thought I’d post something from his previous albums to reminisce a little.

Often my favourite tracks by Burial are the ones with no beat, no drums, just rolling sounds, melodies and vocal samples. I honestly can’t see how anyone can dislike him, everything he has ever put out if pure gold and doused in his rough and unrefined style. I like to imagine every Burial vinyl to be dusty, if that makes sense. The static and organic bass of each track create incredible atmospheres which go unmatched.

I don’t know much about Burial, and neither does anyone else really. He’s one of those people who I respect immensely, he does music for music, not for fame, money and glory. He does no live shows, he’s only done a few interviews, to my knowledge, and he remained anonymous for many years, just secretly sending tracks to Kode9 at Hyperdub.

I struggled to pick a track to post, as each of his songs are equally magnificent and I hope that if you’ve never listened to Burial, that the one I selected as made you consider looking in to his work a little more. Trust me the more you listen the more you love him.

Etched Headplate by Burial

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To Me

Ifan Dafydd

Treehouse / To Me

380 plays

Ifan Dafydd (pronounced ee-van da-vith) is not James Blake, although you’d be forgiven if at first you thought Ifan was his new alias. There’s not much information about Ifan, but he’s known to be either Blake’s ex-flatmate from university or his cousin, or both, but either way it’s clear that they have both influenced each other.

The pitch shift vocal samples, the synth sounds and just the drums are very reminiscent of Blakeys R&S Records releases, and I can’t get enough of a good thing, so when I heard Ifan I was excited to hear more.

I first heard Ifan’s track, No Good, some time near the start of last year and I instantly knew he would grow to become one of my favourite producers. Much like when I first heard CMYK by James Blake, and MTI by Koreless.

Me To by Ifan Dafydd

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Evian Christ

200 plays

Not much I can really say about Evian Christ because there isn’t much to say.

Having caused bloggers to flip shit in the last week of 2011 by uploading a series of videos to YouTube, nothing else is known about Evian. No one even knows their identity, except that barsteward Anthony Fantano over at Needle Drop.

Although "Fuck It None Of Ya’ll Don’t Rap" seems to be the most popular on Evian’s YouTube, I feel MYD is the most interesting out of the bunch.

Maybe I’m wrong, but this seems like another Sicko Cell incident as a way to build a buzz by leaving everyone wondering who the creator is. Maybe Evian is just a new producer who happened to immediately shine, or maybe it’s the alias of another producer who’s trying to perfect a new craft.

I guess only time will tell, but regardless if Evian continues to produce work like this then they are definitely someone to watch in 2012.

MYD by Evian Christ

Your Love


Your Love / Areola

200 plays

I naively let this slip by me, not sure how that happened I’m normally good at looking out for new releases. Thanks to the great Joy Orbison’s recent Guardian interview I discovered this gem. Granted I’m 6 months late, but I was in LA when it was released so I was too busy getting drunk and I quite literally slept on it.

It’s a great song though. I believe this is Kavsrave first release but I may be mistaken, either way have a listen and have a look out for more of his releases in the future, definitely one to watch.

Your Love by Kavsrave




4D / MTI

613 plays

Koreless would fall under the category of “post-dubstep” I guess, however I don’t really like categorising music, there’s only two categories for me “good & bad”. This most definitely falls in the good category, and Koreless is an incredibly talented young producer and I’m expecting big things from him in years to come.

The atmosphere he’s able to create is astonishing, this is his Soundcloud, and I’d strongly suggest you listen to every track because each one is uniquely wonderful in it’s own way.

I posted this beautiful piece because I don’t want to spark the classic “Dubstep vs Brostep” argument.

It’s all music, some you like, some you don’t. If you listen to new music with an open mind and an honest interest it’s impossible to walk away without something positive.

This is:

4D by Koreless

Far Nearer

Jamie xx

Far Nearer / Beat For

2,613 plays

Far Nearer by Jamie xx

If you’re a fan of The xx then you’re mostly likely aware of Jamie xx’s solo work and numerous remixes.

This song was one of my favourite releases from last year, it reminds me of the summer sun, Glastonbury festival and just good times with friends.

Jamie xx is an incredible producer and his remix album for the late great Gil Scott-Heron was definitely a highlight from last year and I strongly urge you to check it out.

Next music post on Friday


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